10 best chicken breeds for beginners

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Raising chickens is an activity that is increasingly gaining popularity among people who want to have a source of fresh and natural food in their homes. For beginners, it is important to start with a small number of chickens, ideally between 3 and 5 to learn basic husbandry skills.

When it comes to feeding, chickens need a balanced diet that includes grains, vegetables, fruits, and plenty of fresh water. In addition, it is essential to keep the area where the chickens spend most of their time clean, to prevent diseases and maintain their well-being.

Keep in mind that chickens need daily care, such as collecting eggs, cleaning the coop, and checking their health. Over time, raising chickens will become a very rewarding activity, which will also provide you with fresh eggs and a connection with nature.

Factors to consider before choosing a breed of chicken

Before choosing a breed of chicken to raise, there are several things you should carefully consider. First, it is important to determine the purpose of raising chickens, whether for eggs, meat, or both.

  • Available space. Some chicken breeds require more space than others, so it is essential to evaluate whether your space is suitable for the specific needs of the breed you are considering.
  • The weather. Some chicken breeds are better adapted to cold climates, while others prefer warmer climates. Make sure you choose a breed that adapts well to the climate in your area to ensure its well-being.
  • Breed temperament. Some chickens are calmer and more docile, while others are more active and nervous. Choose a breed that fits your lifestyle and can easily integrate into your environment.

Finally, research the specific nutritional and care needs of each breed. Some may require a special diet or more intensive care than others. Make sure you are prepared to meet these needs before making your decision.

Top 10 Chicken Breeds for Beginners

If you are a beginner at raising chickens, there are some breeds that are ideal to start with. Here is a list of 10 chicken breeds ideal for beginners:

1. Rhode Island red

10 Best Chicken Breeds for Beginners
Rhode Island Red

The Rhode Island red is a breed of chicken native to the United States. They are known for their production of high quality brown eggs and tasty meat. This breed is popular among farmers and poultry breeders due to its disease resistance and ability to adapt to different climatic conditions.

Rhode Island Reds are medium-sized birds with bright, dark red plumage. They are known for their friendly personality and easy handling, making them ideal for people just starting out in poultry farming. They are excellent egg layers, being able to produce around 200-300 eggs per year.

2. Australorp

blue australorp

The Australorp is a breed of chicken known for its ability to lay eggs consistently. They are medium-sized birds with shiny black plumage and an iridescent greenish sheen.

Although originally used for meat production , they are now valued primarily for their laying quality with an average of 250 light brown eggs per year.

Australorps are friendly and calm, making them ideal to have in a backyard or garden. They like to spend time outdoors, so it is important to provide them with a safe area so they can roam and forage.

3. Buff Orpington

orpingtong rooster

The Buff Orpington is a breed of chicken known for its beautiful appearance and sweet temperament. These chickens have soft golden plumage, which makes them especially striking. They are large and robust birds, which allows them to withstand cold weather without problems. In addition, they are usually friendly and docile, which makes them ideal pets, even for the youngest.

As for their care, Buff Orpingtons are quite independent and do not require much attention. They adapt to almost any type of diet and can be raised in both an urban and rural environment.

Their egg production is quite consistent, with up to 200 eggs laid per year. The eggs are large in size and have a light brown shell.

4. Leghorn

white leghorn rooster and hen

The Leghorn is a breed of chicken native to Italy, known for its exceptional egg production. Its plumage is predominantly white, with some varieties having gold or black spots. They have a slim, elegant body, with a large, pointed crest on their head. Their legs and beaks are bright yellow.

These chickens are very active and energetic , so they need space to move freely. They adapt well to rural environments and can also live in urban areas if provided with adequate outdoor space.

They are excellent egg producers, laying approximately 280 to 320 eggs per year. Its eggs are white and medium in size.

5. Barred Plymouth Rock

Gallina Plymouth Rock
Plymouth Rock

The Barred Plymouth Rock is a breed of chicken known for its calm personality and ability to adapt to different environments.

These chickens are recognized for their distinctive barred plumage, which gives them a unique and attractive appearance. Additionally, they are known for being excellent layers, producing an average of 200 medium-sized eggs per year.

As for their care, the barred Plymouth Rock does not require special care. They just need a clean, safe space to live, adequate food, and fresh water. They are hardy birds and can quickly adapt to different climates and environments.

6. Jersey Giants

Giant Jersey Hen

The Jersey giant is a breed of chicken native to the United States that is characterized by its large size and impressive appearance. These dual-purpose birds lay between 150 and 200 extra-large brown eggs a year.

Jersey giants are known for being calm and friendly birds, making them ideal for those new to keeping chickens. In addition, they are very resistant to diseases and can easily adapt to different climatic conditions.

When caring for your Jersey giants, it is important to provide them with good space to move around, as well as a balanced diet that includes grains, vegetables, and protein. Additionally, it is essential to keep your environment clean and safe to prevent illness and injury.

7. Easter Egger

easter egg hen

The Easter Egger is a breed of chicken that stands out for its variety of plumage colors and its ability to lay eggs of different shades.

Although they resemble Araucana and Ameraucana chickens, the Easter Egger is not a pure breed. It is actually a hybrid that inherits some of the characteristics of these breeds, such as blue or green eggs and small crests.

In addition to its different colored eggs and plumage patterns, the Easter Egger is known for its friendly and curious personality. They are docile and adapt well to living with other animals and people, which makes them perfect for homes with children.

8. Sussex

hen and rooster

The Sussex is a breed of chicken native to England. It is known for its ability to adapt to different environments, its good temperament, and its production of high-quality meat and eggs.

In terms of temperament, Sussex are calm and docile birds, which makes them easy to handle. They are ideal to have in a garden, since they do not usually fly and adapt well to limited spaces. In addition, they are very sociable with each other and with other animals.

The Sussex hen is considered an excellent layer. They lay about 250 to 300 eggs a year that are medium to large in size, with brown shells. They also make good mothers if allowed to incubate their own eggs.

9. Silkies

black silkie

The Silkie is a breed of chicken prized for its soft silky plumage and bluish skin. Originating from China, this breed is popular for its friendly nature and ability to incubate the eggs of other birds. Silkies are excellent mothers and are known to care for and protect their young with great dedication.

These birds are small and compact, with feathered feet and five toes instead of four. They have a small crest and blue chins, which gives them a unique look compared to other breeds. In addition, its meat is considered a delicacy in Asian cuisine.

Silkies are suitable for beginners in poultry keeping as they are easy to care for and adapt well to different climates They need a safe environment to protect themselves from predators, as well as a constant supply of quality food and water.

10. Cochin

Blue cochinchina chickens

Cochin chickens are prized for their sweet and docile temperament . They are resistant birds and can adapt to different living conditions. Additionally, they are not prone to disease and make excellent incubators.

The chickens are recognized for being excellent layers, producing approximately 4 eggs each week. They also tend to sit and incubate their eggs and are excellent mothers, so if you want to raise some chicks at home, this is the breed for you!

There you have it, the complete list of the 10 best chicken breeds for beginners. We would love to know which ones you will choose to start your adventure in the world of chickens.

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