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Raising laying hens can be fun and educational for the whole family. The barnyard eggs are a real blessing, being tastier and fresher than those of any store.

So, are you interested in raising chickens? Parenting is a gratifying and enjoyable pastime that is gaining popularity as more people are encouraged to raise their own laying hens for domestic use fresh egg Consumption! That’s just one aspect of hen care; Add breeding, display, preservation of rare breeds and quickly discover that you have embarked on a fun and exciting journey with many possibilities! is full of fantastic information about the different aspects of hen raising with a lot of combined experiences and knowledge shared by our members.

Below are some links to the basic foundations of hen-raising. For more detailed information, explore the rest of the site and join our social networks.

Did you Know that there are more than 200 breeds of hens?

Besides the color, the pattern of plumage, the style of the crest — somewhat cosmetic considerations — the breeds of laying hens differ in everything: the personality, the way of sitting in the eggs to incubate them, the resistance to the winter and even the color of the Egg! In Addition, some farmers raise them to show them, or breed rare varieties to save them from extinction, or simply because they like a particular breed.

In You will find a list of the different breeds of laying hens In the world. The different types of hens have varied qualities, which determine what category they belong to: The Maids to be pets, the egg laying and the ones destined to be food. If you are an experienced breeder and the owner of a farm or just looking for information to start parenting, then you will find a lot of information.

Just Click on the specific breed of chicken you want to learn more about.

Why raise laying hens?

This is a question that many people make! First of all, hens can be wonderful pets that provide delicious eggs for breakfast. That’s not all, however, there are many more benefits.

• Hens are easy to maintain and low cost (compared to most other pets) • Their eggs are
fresh, delicious and nutritious • They Pr
ovide control of weeds and insects, leaving their garden chemical fr
ee • Are manufacturers of the best Fertilizers of the world (and explore
your garden for free) • Can be fun, friendly and enjoyable
pets • Can be fantastic pets for children of all ages

What breed of laying hen is right for you?

There Are Many different breeds of chicken recognized by the American Poultry Association, and each race has unique qualities. Your decisions should be based on what you want (and don’t want) from a hen. Are You expecting a steady egg production? Meat Production? Both? Do You like multicolored eggs? Do you Need a chicken resistant to a hot or cold weather? Or Maybe you just want a friendly companion with a beautiful plumage to exhibit?

Below you will find a list of the best hen breeds in each category.

Laying Hens Breeds

One of the main reasons why people start raising chickens is by fresh eggs. Nothing is better than converting the collected eggs in the morning at breakfast. DePending on race, most hens will average 3 to 6 eggs per week for the first 2 years of their lives. As they get older, the amount of eggs decreases naturally. If eggs are your main reason, these breeds will keep your table with a delicious breakfast every day.

Breeds of hens for meat lovers

Chickens specifically bred for meat are commonly known as broilers. These birds are excellent meat chickens because they grow faster than the chickens that are bred for the purpose of laying eggs, or those considered double purpose.

In a period of only five short weeks, broilers can weigh about 4-5 pounds and by the time they are 10 weeks old, they can easily reach 10 pounds, which is the ideal size for an average family feed. This makes raising broilers in your home’s backyard the best choice for those looking to develop a self-sufficient lifestyle.

Dual Purpose hen Breeds

If you find yourself looking for the best double-purpose chicken breeds, look no further! Chickens are generally kept, either for the production of eggs (laying Hens) or for meat production (broilers). However, there are several double-purpose chicken breeds that are bred for their egg and meat production.

If you are looking for hens that are excellent egg producers and also have enough meat to be good table birds, there are certain breeds that are better for both purposes:

Breeds of display chickens

Chicken breeds are generally divided into two categories: egg-laying and poultry-meat. While Some races are dual-purpose. But There is a fourth category, consisting of chickens bred mainly for their elegant plumage and attractive coloration. These birds are bred by poultry aficionados for open competition and by FFA members and 4-H to showcase them in shows.

Pet Breeds

In This category we select the best chicken breeds for young children or adults looking for a friendly and affectionate pet. There Are A number of races known for their kindness and affection for their owners. Although These races are widely regarded as the most friendly, they need a lot of management and affection from you as they grow to be the ideal companions of your home.

Breeds of Australia

In This category we select the chicken breeds developed in Australia. There Are A number of races recognized for their ability to fight and affection for their owners. However, the Roosters ‘ fights became illegal in different countries of the world since 1849 and in Australia in 1850.

Belgian Breeds

In This category we show a list of breeds of chickens developed in Belgium. Some may have complex or poorly documented stories due to their recent development. There Are A variety of breeds recognized for their small size and affection for their owners.

China Races

In This section you will find the most outstanding breeds of hens in China. Many historians claim (based on paleoclimatic assumptions) that the chickens were first domesticated in southern China in the year 6000 BC. That is Why the importance of this list in which we show a variety of races recognized by their fascinating history and evolution.

Breeds of France

In This category you will find a list of the breeds of chickens of French origin. Some may have complex histories and curious facts, so inclusion here does not necessarily imply that they are races exclusively from France. Many breeds of French chickens are especially known for their delicious meat, but there is also a wide variety of laying hens and double purpose birds in the list.